Elements Collection

A series born to reflect our philosophy in a simple way, with each element in our vineyard coexisting in perfect harmony to create wines with a pure youthful character

Silver Lion Collection

Produced with carefully selected grapes from low yielding single vineyards, the Silver Lion Collection showcases our attention to detail in the viticulture of each particular site, combining soil type, grape variety and the most delicate techniques. This ultimately results in wines of unique finesse and complexity.

Black Lion Collection

Precision crafted wines. This mission statement of the Black Lion portfolio encapsulates our philosophy of sustainability, artistry, and honour to tradition. Made only on the best vintage years, after careful planning, the journey begins with meticulous vineyard management, where we undercrop and hand-harvest to ensure only the best fruit is chosen, followed by fermentation techniques that cement varietal typicity. Duration in aging vessels is determined by its impact, and a progressive outlook of the future – Black Lion wines are bold, fierce and timeless accentuations of Niagara and Ferox.

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